Depth Psychotherapy

Nina S. Ross, PhD, LPAT, ATR

Art Therapy, Sandtray Therapy 

artist retreats


Psychotherapy Practice

I have been a therapist for 28 years. I focus on listening with patience and presence to the wounded parts of the self, helping each client find ways to become open and tender towards these parts.

My training included working with dreams and metaphor, as well as art, enabling me to explore in depth both the creative and turbulent movements of Psyche. I have a deep regard for “soul work” and trust in the healing process as it unfolds uniquely for each individual.

Art Therapy

I have a private practice located in a studio/office setting. The space is conducive to working with a variety of art and sand tray materials, if a client so chooses. The tools of my practice are extremely effective in bringing to light unconscious contents of the psyche. The safety and confidentiality of the client is of the utmost importance.


Painting Retreat


on the Mexican Riviera

Nina, you are my creative steward and navigator.
— LL
The creative process has been an essential form of documentation for my inner experience; a way to honor and to bring the numinous into form. Working with Nina has taken this life path to a whole new level. She is a masterful guide & support in traversing the unseen terrain of Psyche. When I walked into her studio for our first session, I could feel in the core of my being that I was stepping into a potent cauldron, an alchemical vessel of transformation…this has proven to be true…with many tangible results.
— MM
Since I’ve come to therapy, the floodgates of my heart have opened up. They really needed to. Now, I’m not as successful at keeping my emotions hidden to myself.
— VP
As I reflect on my time in Santa Fe, the most profound gift I received was time with Nina. The sacred space she creates is a catalyst for magic to happen. Through individual work, intuitive painting and Red Book workshops, I truly found my creative soul and my heart was opened. I’m changed forever….and deeply grateful.
— VF

Painting is my creative expression of freedom