As I write today, there is a blanket of fresh snow covering the trees in New Mexico. It is soft and melting fast. January can bring many things for people, newness, slowness, sadness, and joy. Whatever it is for you, perhaps it is a time to reflect or to remember the bigger picture of your life, and life in general. I am particularly struck by noticing how life renews itself, as does the body/psyche. There is regeneration going on, even when we can't see it or can't seem to feel it. Sometimes, it is important just to take note of the simplest of things; breath moving in and out of the body, a cat's meow, the sun shining through the clouds. In this slowing down season, the creative life can be a helpful companion. Journal writing, without any particular direction, can let the heart unfold unto paper and keep us company. This practice can also help us to stay in the present. There is a lot of uncertainty both in our collective and personal lives right now. Staying with what is, today, and not predicting tomorrow, seems important for our well being.

A client that I have worked with whose relationship had just ended wrote the following one cold night:

My stomach groans while my mind is entranced by the embryonic sky, a halo around the near full moon that reminds me of both the egg and the womb and the influence that one has upon others. Tis night, and those closest to you shine the brightest, but there is also a sphere of influence illuminated upon the outskirts. They come to help in small ways, and that is love. And when the brightness of pain casts grey on the big picture, the stars most stalwart in their love for you still shine through.

There is hope. Sometimes we have to look in unexpected places for it, or perhaps in the order of the universe, always moving, always present.














There is hope. Sometimes, we have to look for it in the comfort of the cosmic order, or in small kindnesses.