Inside of the Studio and Out

For me, painting resembles psycho/spiritual practice in some ways. When engaged with painting, the opportunity presents itself to release what's been stored in the body as well as coming home to the present moment. Painting is acting; it does not require thinking. The senses are necessary, sight, feeling, and touch in particular. Choices are made moment by moment. If we don't like something, we paint right over it and begin again. Paint is forgiving, we can learn to be, too; with ourselves and our process. We learn to start over, again and again. Showing up and allowing the process to take you to surprising places beyond your assumptions and expectations shows us that renewal is constantly happening. We forget this, and remember again. We cannot know at the start of a painting session where a painting will be 2 or 4 hours into it. Letting oneself go into the Mystery can carry on into your life, as well. This is the promise of creative involvement. Renewing, out of time, enlivening and surprising. Who doesn't need that in their life? The predictable, familiar, well worn roads are deadening to the psyche. Re-enlivening ourselves in a variety of ways often is necessary if we are to be alive and full of curiosity. I don't know, I will open myself to the Mystery by emptying myself, coming before the canvas with only how I feel at the moment. What colors, marks, brush strokes resonate NOW? What does my intuition tell me to do next? This is how a painting can get made, from the start to the finish. Skill can be achieved by becoming familiar with what you like to make, over and over again. You can refine as you committ to your parctice. With courage, risk-taking, and a spirit of passion and adventure, we find our way, both inside of the studio and out.